As you nourish your brain, you give yourself a chance to improve your cognitive capacities

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We eat more with emotions than with our mouths.

We go up and down to discover, make, and mix ingredients, so the taste elevates the pleasure. The journey to discover flavors led us to foods and recipes that live the reputation on taste but nourish us so little. We end up overconsuming calories yet receiving little nutrients.

As a result, our modern-day diet led us to a mental health crisis with depression, anxiety, stress, distraction, and burnout on the rise.

Researchers found that our diet…

A poem

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New opportunities knock on the door
Who is there to answer?

A woman,
A perfectionist of some sort,
Aiming for a purpose
She relentlessly works on.

A creative,
Weird-headed, dreamy woman
Who loves riding the bike
And listening to fast-paced music.

Curious learner,
by school and life,
Of people and ideas,
Letting fires inside her burn.

A smile paired with confidence,
Kindness along with straight-forward words,
Never hiding her eyes inside her sharp-cut hair.

She has an aura,
A feeling much deeper than the looks,
Something that made people trust
The words she spurs.

Proud of being herself,

And 4 things you can do to limit distraction

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Distraction is a habit.

The more you feed yourself with information, the more you seek it. If you check the phone every time waiting in line, you wire your brain to be entertained at all times.

And as your attention moves from one shiny thing on the internet to another, distraction strikes. With it, you lose the focus to do meaningful work.

The thing is, our world runs in distraction. We have internalized distractions we don’t know we are being distracted. It is then how we beat the distraction that defines our success.

Attention is your most valuable resource

Our contemporary life runs on an attention…

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Past few months, I was anxious.

I felt like I am doing something wrong. I thought I was missing opportunities. I believed I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I should.

Then, I started journaling. Days after days, pages after pages, I uncovered me.

I understood the only wrong thing was my thinking.

I was letting negative thoughts take the best out of me. I believed in those brain patterns. I let them affect my mood and my future.

If you are like me, riddled with self-doubt, I recommend you start journaling every day. When you print your thoughts on paper, you see how ridiculous they sound. You witness how strong you are. You internalize how far you’ve come.

You understand you are a human with complicated emotions that form to create this genuine being you are.

Take it from Cal Newport and me embracing boredom boosts your productivity.

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I woke up at 6 am that morning. I rushed my morning routine, finishing my fresh-pressed juice and chia pudding. By 7 am, I was feeling the crisp breeze as I pedal the empty streets of Prishtina. I kept myself warm following the sunlight-touched track. When I arrived at the government building, 80 people were in line before me.

My fate was sealed. I will spend my morning waiting in line.

Yet, at that moment, all I could think about was the 8 pm deadline I had for submitting six articles, four of which I hadn’t started yet. …

Business runs on money, and everyone is making decisions to get the most out of it.

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A few years ago, I did a job interview for a marketing agency.

Then I went for a second one. By the end of the third interview, I was confident about the job. My gut feeling was right.

Then the director told me the salary, and my smile froze.

In an instant, my heart was racing, and my hands were shaking. A rush of anger traveled to my brain. I swallowed a few times, waiting for him to finish. Then, with a fake smile on my face, I promised to answer by the end of the day.

When I left their offices, I couldn’t stop swearing for 15 minutes.

My mind was…

The earth’s balance is shifting, and it won’t sustain us for long.

Markus Spiske via Unspalsh

I woke up and ran to the window. The whiteness was blinding my eyes.

It was snowing when I slept the night before, and now over 40 cm of snow covered the yard. Excited, I ran to my parent’s bedroom, waking up my mom. “Mom, please wake up. I need to eat breakfast and wear my winter clothes. It is snowing, and my friends are waiting for me outside”.

My mom looked at the clock and replied, “Rina, it is 7:30 in the morning, no one is waiting for you outside. I will get up soon and make you breakfast”.

Leaving behind the 27th orbit around the sun

Diego Vedita via Unsplash

27th flushed out my emotional toxicity,
opening doors for 28th to glow.

Hard it was,
scared I was,
challenged all the cells in me,
pushing me to up my game.

It tested my limits quite a few times,
it killed the vibes I felt from the world,
it left me confused spinning in a loop.

But I stayed there,
crawled myself to the chair,
there was no solution
but showing up every day.

I stood in front of the screen,
strong as a Viking guarding his ship,
though sometimes you could see
face flooded with tears.

I nurtured my body…

Rina Zhubi

Daydreaming as I am dancing with 400 people by my side while the pounding sound of techno flows in me. Connect with me:

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